Interphase is a visual poem that metaphorically depicts the reconciliation of past experiences and trauma through the act of deconstruction, repair, and reflection, in which these emotions are conveyed through an anthropomorphic figure that is born and covered by the surrounding flora. As the self-made figure rips, bursts, and morphs between different bodily states (and liminal spaces), a balancing act between the human and abstract, the figure is ultimately able to find solace and personal discovery at the end of this reformative process. The depiction of morphing and splitting shapes are intended to reflect upon the transformational processes involved in cell division--hence Interphase as the title, evoking the metamorphic emotions involved when moving through different stages in our lives. The figure navigates aimlessly within this lush sea of leaves, in which the setting also reflects upon my experiences of Chinese-Vietnamese diaspora. My overall intention with this work is to help portray some of the personal issues that I am moving past in my own life as something to be experienced and reflected upon, hopefully to normalize the multitude of experiences and stresses involved when moving through different moments in our life.

"What’s in between? In between reconciling past traumatic experiences and healing, in between being a teen and an adult, in between being a student and a professional and in between two cultures. This universal theme of deconstructing and repairing as we move through stages of life is the focus of Digital Painting and Expanded Animation student Kenny Tran 's animated film “Interphase” — OCAD University, 2019

Click here for the full artist statement: Interphase Artist Statement

Selected Screenings of Interphase:

2020 Stockholm Independent Film Festival, Best Animated Film Nominee, Zika Folkets Bio, Stockholm, Sweden.

2019 Sommets du Cinéma d’animation 18th Edition, Quebec-Canada Student Panorama. Montréal, Canada.

2019 Toronto Queer Film Festival, Innis Town Hall. Toronto, Ontario.

2019 National Film Festival for Talented Youth, Jury Award Nominee, SIFF Cinema Uptown 2. Seattle, Washington.

2019 Raindance London, Vue Cinema London - Picadilly. London, United Kingdom.

2019 Festival Universitario de Cine y Audiovisuales Equinoxio, National University of Columbia. Bogotá, Colombia.

2019 Anim!Arte, Planetário da Gávea. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2019 Josiah Media Film Festival, 3rd Place Animation. San Antonio, Texas.

2019 13th Annual TAIS Animation Showcase, The Royal Cinema. Toronto, Ontario.

2019 Toronto Youth Shorts 11th Edition, Spadina Theatre. Toronto, Ontario.